Bring on the flowers!

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Springtime is what I’m named after and it might be by virtue of that that I love everything to do with flowers so I’m super excited about the floral trend this season!

Floral patterns are HUGE this summer but, in my opinion, theres good floral and then theres bad floral…try to stick to the good because the wrong print can not only make you look any number of foolish things, it can add pounds where there are none and take away some inches from your stature as well – not good. Not good.

Good floral :-

Erdem via Zimbio


Carolina Herrera via

D&G images via Glam Check

These are just a few images but I hope you get my drift. Check out all of Erdems runway shots for more gorgeousness.

And then theres not so nice (or just simply bad) floral:-

Both images from ETRO via Glam Check

In all fairness, I might be a bit biased here – these prints just bring to my mind a badly dressed aunty. And that theory might not apply elsewhere in the world but, for me..thats what it is. Also, see how the white print is trying to consume the model who’s wearing it? All wrong.

And Chanel! Ughh.



Chanel via Glam Check

What is that?! Gross.

When buying a floral print, be careful to mentally crosscheck what you’re looking at against every floral curtain or tablecloth you’ve ever seen so as to avoid looking like a part of your own (or anyone elses) home decor scheme.

Next, always try it on to see if the print is the right size for you – colours are important as well.

If a whole outfit patterned in flowers is too overwhelming for you, you can still be on trend by adding floral accents to otherwise basic clothes. Floral cuffs and collars and trims (in my next post) are delightful as well.

If you feel like you don’t want to spend a bomb on a floral outfit just for the season and you don’t want to go the high street way because everyone will be wearing the same shirt all around you – have no fear. All you local ones, you may or may not know this but all of us here in Chandigarh are sitting on a goldmine of export quality cotton in every floral print imaginable. Here in the city, you might want to visit the market in Sector 22 – and I mean the rehri market not the proper one – right behind Kiran Theatre. I think it has a name but I dont know what it is. No need to venture deep into the market, right on the periphery are lots of cotton vendors. Theres also closeby Patiala! My favourite place to buy prints. Visit the market at Topkhaana Mor for some gorgeous prints at throwaway prices. *oh the joy*

Buy some fabric and have a fashion designer friend or your local tailor to whip something up only for you! What an idea sirji!

Birds chirping in the trees, sun shining, clear skies, and you in your flowery prettiness! The roads will rise to meet your every step 😀

Happy shopping – be back in a jiffy. :p



Finds of the week!

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Over at The Unreal Bride, we have two new weekly categories aside from Tuesday Shoesday and Thursday Purseday, called Friday Find and Sunday Wishlist where I will be snooping around the internet (and off of it!) and bringing the most fabulous fashion to you!

Don’t forget to check back there – well, 7 days a week! 😀

Did any of you find time to do some creative braiding??  Send me photos if and when you do!

Also, take a minute or two out of your busy schedule today to pray for everyone affected by the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan. Its tragic what nature does to us sometimes and theres really not much we can do no matter how much we’d like to help, so, the least we can do is send them our prayers.




Ribbons for her hair

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First of all, my apologies to all of you who come back to this blog everyday and find nothing new. 😩 I’ve got to be the worst blogger in the history of the worldwide web. In my defense, I was off battling the icy winter by attending every wedding – as my mother puts it – from here to Malerkotla and beyond. This specific quote by my mother has no deeper meaning or anything ; Malerkotla is a town somewhere around me and Im not going to lie to you and say I know where it is, its just something my mother says :p

Alright then! Lets get down to the nitty gritty of it all shall we? Im going to be posting photos of my favourite brides this season over at The Unreal Bride so do keep checking up on us there as well. Aside from that, Im going to be breaking down and discussing the most prominent (and absolutely yummy) trend forecasts for this spring and summer. Summer summer  – ah how I love it! I love the heat, the clothes, the sandals, the freedom – the love. Winter makes me lazy – thats part two of my (weak) defense argument for not putting up new posts here.

What really came through to me from the runway pictures and even new ad campaigns was that clearly someone in the wonderful world of fashion has realized that summer is…well…HOT! And blowdrys and other fancy things that we do to our tresses dont last very long – atleast not here in India.

Thats Lela Rose for NYFW – image courtesy Hair on the Brain

and L.A.M.B – image courtesy

One of the many beautiful solutions to this pressing issue of the Indian summer is the humble braid. While my sister and I were growing up, my mother was near obsessive about our hair – she would sit us down and rub all types of oil into our scalps – there was one disaster when she ordered a whole case of apricot oil from her friend who has an orchard up in the mountains. We didnt end up using much of it and then bottles of it somehow escaped the case which was put away in the storeroom and started appearing in every room, in every drawer, in places we never thought to look – like my grandmothers secret stash of unopened dinner sets in the guest bedroom (don’t ask – we’re an odd bunch). Anyhow, to cut it short, the apricot oil haunted and stalked us and many many bottles of it were eventually thrown away unopened – a whole decade after their purchase.

I really drifted over there, didn’t I? What i was trying to say was, thanks to my mothers obsession, my sister and I had thick hair down to our lower backs and were rather skilled in braiding it in time for school. Im currently in the process of attempting to grow it back to that length again!

Back to the braids of S/S ’11 – braiding is an age old, ancient technique of pulling your hair back from your face (hence, accentuating your lovely features) and making you look pretty at the same time whilst successfully battling the heat. *two thumbs up*

There are many ways to braid your hair and you can go search for some videos on how to make different styles on youtube – and of course, practice, practice, practice.

Via You Will Never Know

Listen to this while you practice :

Once you’ve mastered the art – decorate with bows, clips, brooches, ribbons, flowers – the list is endless!

Image via Tha Hilsdorf

Loving the ribbon? I am. I’m wearing one right now with my PJ’s with no one to appreciate its utter cuteness except Razia and shes a dog so..yea..thats that!

Happy braiding my beauties and I shall be back before you know it!


New Birthday Tradition!

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Fashion – how you dress, how you decorate, what you drive and what you carry is not a simple science and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all; as it unfortunately is, most of the time. Where you grew up, where you vacation, what you read, what you eat and what you drink – all come together in how you live. And that, is fashion.

Although it may not be the best reflection of my big milestone birthday to be sitting in my PJs on my couch ‘blogging’ of all the things I could be doing – I’ve been thinking about sharing this excerpt for a very long time and what better day than today!

” The human mind and heart are only equipped to feel so much pain and sorrow.Beyond that point, it is simply more pain, more sorrow. Not bigger, greater, grander, just more. Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one knows this to be true. The tear ducts can only produce so many tears at a time. The heart can grieve for only so long. Anything beyond that is simply more of the same. After a time, the mind grows numb. The heart hardens. The spirit withers and starts to die. This is life, says that part of us which enables us to survive holocausts and hurricanes, war and bereavement alike, live through this. And so we do live. We go on. We survive. We endure the unendurable and come out the other side, blinking, dazed, shocked and stupefied, but still alive. Still breathing. The heart, hammered by grief, still beats on, pumping life through our viens, keeping us alive. The lungs expand and contract. The brain still fires sparks of thought and reflex. The eyes still see, the ears still hear, and the sun rises and sets, the earth turns and the stars shine on, and the universe proceeds the way it has always proceeded…unhindered.”

Excerpt from Slayer of Kamsa, Book One of The Krishna Coriolis by Ashok K. Banker.

I read alot. And very fast I might add – so I go through many many books a year. However, some, I forget and some, just make a little room for themselves in my heart where the words keep resounding over and over again. This passage has stayed with me ever since I read it – and I was reminded of it while watching an episode of Mad Men last night, when Betty Draper, referring to her mother who has passed away, says to her husband Don; something to the effect of – ‘when you lose someone, everyone says life moves on – no one ever tells you thats not necessarily a good thing’.

Birthdays are different when one is younger. I believe the saddest part of growing older, marking the years as they go by, is that you lose some people. They just go away. And its that burden of memory, grief and loss that differentiates us from children and removes us from childhood. What keeps us all going is good memories. We must never forget that each day is precious- we are lucky to be here each and every day so try to make them all worth the while. I, personally, am an exceptionally lucky person to have so many great people and so much love around me all the time! I’m overwhelmed by love.

So now, after all this not so happy talk, I must come to the point – my new birthday tradition, starting today, is to mail a favourite book to a friend – any friend- each year on my birthday. To share some words that I’ve read and loved – to share a good memory.

– A

It’s a wrap!

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One of the most versatile staples in your wardrobe – the silk scarf dates back to ancient Rome. Called a ‘sudarium’ which is Latin for ‘sweatcloth’ it was used mainly to wipe ones face, neck and hands. However, this modest square of cloth soon gained popularity and rose in ranks – quite literally, as it became a status symbol – showing to the rest of society the wearers rank in government, army and even wealth through the use of various colours, materials and prints.

By the 19th century, the ‘cravat’ or ‘croatian’ style of wearing the scarf had enamoured a large part of Europe and had firmly affixed the scarf in wardrobes and fashion history alike.

The choice of silk for the manufacture of scarves is an intelligent one as silk is not only luxurious and sensual to the touch but is also the strongest natural fibre, is porous – allowing it to be cool in summer and warm in the winter, is easy to dye – and beautifully takes on deep and iridescent hues that are brilliant in appearance.

The most famous,and most beautiful I must add, scarves available today are without a doubt the ones that comes through the doors of the French high fashion house by the name of Hermes. Originally a company that catered to the equestrian needs of the extremely wealthy, Hermes soon branched out into accessories as well. In 1937, the Hermes carrĂ©s or scarves were introduced – the very first one was called Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches and features a group of ladies playing a popular period game.

Image courtesy Maitai’s Picture Book

My personal fascination with the silk scarf dates back to my childhood – as most of my other great loves. I love anything thats old and has a history. Anyhow, my modest silk scarf collection dates back to a very recent year , 2007, when I spent the summer in the South of France and bought my very first Hermes. Its a gorgeous pattern in shades of blue and I’m not sure if the warm waters lined with pebble beaches inspired my choice but, I’m glad I picked the one I did!

In the following years, Jean Paul Gaultier designed an India inspired spring collection for Hermes – you might recall the sari dresses and turbans that models walked the ramp in. A hugely popular part of that collection was of course, the scarf collection. Featuring horses, elephants, mahouts and maharajas, the brightly coloured pieces flew off the shelves – Im the proud owner of two pieces from the collection.

This is one, and although the photo doesn’t quite do justice to the lovely colours of the real one – some sort of picture is better than none, I feel.

Image courtesy Birkin Watcher

I can’t seem to get rid of the writing on the photo – I’m not a tech whiz so kindly bear with me!

There are countless ways to wear scarves – you can fold it up to make a band and wear it around your head, tie it on your bag, wear it cravat style, like a tie or do the famous Grace Kelly! Fold it in half to make a large triangle, cover your head and knot it under your chin or on the side of your neck. This classic head wrap originally became famous as a glamourous way to protect your hair while travelling but I say you dont need to travel just to wear your scarf this way!

I can’t possibly end this post without mentioning the very latest addition to my collection – a thoughtful present for my birthday, which is later this week – Hubby to be bought me the beautiful

Le PĂ©gase d’HermĂšs.

Image Courtesy The Purse Forum

Another great love of mine ( I have too many! ) is Greek mythology and one of my most favourite characters is Pegasus! I love the sky-at-dawn like colour of the scarf and I wear it all the time! With red lipstick of course.

Alright my lovelies, this is my last post as a 24 year old – I shall re connect with you now once the quarter century hurdle has been crossed and I’m safely on the senior citizen side!

Oh and don’t forget to go take a look at The Unreal Bride for todays purse pick and Tuesday Shoesday in case you missed it!

For the love of Punjabi clothes : Fahad Hussayn

December 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

Recently I’ve been so bored by the Indian couture collections – I’m ever grateful to Ramneek Kang (who, by the way, has an eye for all things gorgeous!) for introducing me to Fahad Hussayn and his fresh and exciting take on traditional Punjabi clothing.

How beautiful are those colours?! Love love love!

And this very special yellow ensemble which I’m dying to wear to Anahat Pirzadas wedding in the springtime!

Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I cannot get over the beauty of these clothes!

Visit Fahad’s website and his facebook page to see more of his work.

All images courtesy the lovely people over at  South Asian Bride Magazine

First Post! Hello World!!

November 30, 2010 § 5 Comments

Aprils Armoire is a project I’ve been meaning to get down to but have been procrastinating for a very very long time. Well, I’m here now! Through this blog, I want to share with all of you, everything that I love about fashion. And maybe some stuff which has nothing to do with fashion as well!

I find ‘About me’ pages very taxing and its going to take me a while to get one up – so, for the time being, please refer to The Unreal Bride, which is something I do in collaboration with my most favourite photographer and one of my best friends, Kismet Jewell Nakai – thats a link to her tumblr page where you can look at some of her fantastic photos.

To just dive headfirst into this blogging madness, allow me to bring to your notice this gem of a shirt that I found in my early morning sifting of whats new at stores.

In a colour thats only the hottest hue this season, the directional take on an otherwise classic style is what makes this piece so special. Did I mention its fashioned out of glorious silk crepe de chin? I can just about imagine that delicious texture and how it must feel to the touch. *sigh* If you can afford it, get your hands on this Vionnet beauty at Net-a-porter or else have your local tailor (in my case, thats my mom!) sew up something similar for you!

Cannot. Wait. To wear it.

Over and out beauties! Will be back with lots more very soon.

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