It’s a wrap!

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One of the most versatile staples in your wardrobe – the silk scarf dates back to ancient Rome. Called a ‘sudarium’ which is Latin for ‘sweatcloth’ it was used mainly to wipe ones face, neck and hands. However, this modest square of cloth soon gained popularity and rose in ranks – quite literally, as it became a status symbol – showing to the rest of society the wearers rank in government, army and even wealth through the use of various colours, materials and prints.

By the 19th century, the ‘cravat’ or ‘croatian’ style of wearing the scarf had enamoured a large part of Europe and had firmly affixed the scarf in wardrobes and fashion history alike.

The choice of silk for the manufacture of scarves is an intelligent one as silk is not only luxurious and sensual to the touch but is also the strongest natural fibre, is porous – allowing it to be cool in summer and warm in the winter, is easy to dye – and beautifully takes on deep and iridescent hues that are brilliant in appearance.

The most famous,and most beautiful I must add, scarves available today are without a doubt the ones that comes through the doors of the French high fashion house by the name of Hermes. Originally a company that catered to the equestrian needs of the extremely wealthy, Hermes soon branched out into accessories as well. In 1937, the Hermes carrés or scarves were introduced – the very first one was called Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches and features a group of ladies playing a popular period game.

Image courtesy Maitai’s Picture Book

My personal fascination with the silk scarf dates back to my childhood – as most of my other great loves. I love anything thats old and has a history. Anyhow, my modest silk scarf collection dates back to a very recent year , 2007, when I spent the summer in the South of France and bought my very first Hermes. Its a gorgeous pattern in shades of blue and I’m not sure if the warm waters lined with pebble beaches inspired my choice but, I’m glad I picked the one I did!

In the following years, Jean Paul Gaultier designed an India inspired spring collection for Hermes – you might recall the sari dresses and turbans that models walked the ramp in. A hugely popular part of that collection was of course, the scarf collection. Featuring horses, elephants, mahouts and maharajas, the brightly coloured pieces flew off the shelves – Im the proud owner of two pieces from the collection.

This is one, and although the photo doesn’t quite do justice to the lovely colours of the real one – some sort of picture is better than none, I feel.

Image courtesy Birkin Watcher

I can’t seem to get rid of the writing on the photo – I’m not a tech whiz so kindly bear with me!

There are countless ways to wear scarves – you can fold it up to make a band and wear it around your head, tie it on your bag, wear it cravat style, like a tie or do the famous Grace Kelly! Fold it in half to make a large triangle, cover your head and knot it under your chin or on the side of your neck. This classic head wrap originally became famous as a glamourous way to protect your hair while travelling but I say you dont need to travel just to wear your scarf this way!

I can’t possibly end this post without mentioning the very latest addition to my collection – a thoughtful present for my birthday, which is later this week – Hubby to be bought me the beautiful

Le Pégase d’Hermès.

Image Courtesy The Purse Forum

Another great love of mine ( I have too many! ) is Greek mythology and one of my most favourite characters is Pegasus! I love the sky-at-dawn like colour of the scarf and I wear it all the time! With red lipstick of course.

Alright my lovelies, this is my last post as a 24 year old – I shall re connect with you now once the quarter century hurdle has been crossed and I’m safely on the senior citizen side!

Oh and don’t forget to go take a look at The Unreal Bride for todays purse pick and Tuesday Shoesday in case you missed it!


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