New Birthday Tradition!

January 15, 2011 § 5 Comments

Fashion – how you dress, how you decorate, what you drive and what you carry is not a simple science and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all; as it unfortunately is, most of the time. Where you grew up, where you vacation, what you read, what you eat and what you drink – all come together in how you live. And that, is fashion.

Although it may not be the best reflection of my big milestone birthday to be sitting in my PJs on my couch ‘blogging’ of all the things I could be doing – I’ve been thinking about sharing this excerpt for a very long time and what better day than today!

” The human mind and heart are only equipped to feel so much pain and sorrow.Beyond that point, it is simply more pain, more sorrow. Not bigger, greater, grander, just more. Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one knows this to be true. The tear ducts can only produce so many tears at a time. The heart can grieve for only so long. Anything beyond that is simply more of the same. After a time, the mind grows numb. The heart hardens. The spirit withers and starts to die. This is life, says that part of us which enables us to survive holocausts and hurricanes, war and bereavement alike, live through this. And so we do live. We go on. We survive. We endure the unendurable and come out the other side, blinking, dazed, shocked and stupefied, but still alive. Still breathing. The heart, hammered by grief, still beats on, pumping life through our viens, keeping us alive. The lungs expand and contract. The brain still fires sparks of thought and reflex. The eyes still see, the ears still hear, and the sun rises and sets, the earth turns and the stars shine on, and the universe proceeds the way it has always proceeded…unhindered.”

Excerpt from Slayer of Kamsa, Book One of The Krishna Coriolis by Ashok K. Banker.

I read alot. And very fast I might add – so I go through many many books a year. However, some, I forget and some, just make a little room for themselves in my heart where the words keep resounding over and over again. This passage has stayed with me ever since I read it – and I was reminded of it while watching an episode of Mad Men last night, when Betty Draper, referring to her mother who has passed away, says to her husband Don; something to the effect of – ‘when you lose someone, everyone says life moves on – no one ever tells you thats not necessarily a good thing’.

Birthdays are different when one is younger. I believe the saddest part of growing older, marking the years as they go by, is that you lose some people. They just go away. And its that burden of memory, grief and loss that differentiates us from children and removes us from childhood. What keeps us all going is good memories. We must never forget that each day is precious- we are lucky to be here each and every day so try to make them all worth the while. I, personally, am an exceptionally lucky person to have so many great people and so much love around me all the time! I’m overwhelmed by love.

So now, after all this not so happy talk, I must come to the point – my new birthday tradition, starting today, is to mail a favourite book to a friend – any friend- each year on my birthday. To share some words that I’ve read and loved – to share a good memory.

– A


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