Bring on the flowers!

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Springtime is what I’m named after and it might be by virtue of that that I love everything to do with flowers so I’m super excited about the floral trend this season!

Floral patterns are HUGE this summer but, in my opinion, theres good floral and then theres bad floral…try to stick to the good because the wrong print can not only make you look any number of foolish things, it can add pounds where there are none and take away some inches from your stature as well – not good. Not good.

Good floral :-

Erdem via Zimbio


Carolina Herrera via

D&G images via Glam Check

These are just a few images but I hope you get my drift. Check out all of Erdems runway shots for more gorgeousness.

And then theres not so nice (or just simply bad) floral:-

Both images from ETRO via Glam Check

In all fairness, I might be a bit biased here – these prints just bring to my mind a badly dressed aunty. And that theory might not apply elsewhere in the world but, for me..thats what it is. Also, see how the white print is trying to consume the model who’s wearing it? All wrong.

And Chanel! Ughh.



Chanel via Glam Check

What is that?! Gross.

When buying a floral print, be careful to mentally crosscheck what you’re looking at against every floral curtain or tablecloth you’ve ever seen so as to avoid looking like a part of your own (or anyone elses) home decor scheme.

Next, always try it on to see if the print is the right size for you – colours are important as well.

If a whole outfit patterned in flowers is too overwhelming for you, you can still be on trend by adding floral accents to otherwise basic clothes. Floral cuffs and collars and trims (in my next post) are delightful as well.

If you feel like you don’t want to spend a bomb on a floral outfit just for the season and you don’t want to go the high street way because everyone will be wearing the same shirt all around you – have no fear. All you local ones, you may or may not know this but all of us here in Chandigarh are sitting on a goldmine of export quality cotton in every floral print imaginable. Here in the city, you might want to visit the market in Sector 22 – and I mean the rehri market not the proper one – right behind Kiran Theatre. I think it has a name but I dont know what it is. No need to venture deep into the market, right on the periphery are lots of cotton vendors. Theres also closeby Patiala! My favourite place to buy prints. Visit the market at Topkhaana Mor for some gorgeous prints at throwaway prices. *oh the joy*

Buy some fabric and have a fashion designer friend or your local tailor to whip something up only for you! What an idea sirji!

Birds chirping in the trees, sun shining, clear skies, and you in your flowery prettiness! The roads will rise to meet your every step 😀

Happy shopping – be back in a jiffy. :p



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