Ribbons for her hair

March 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

First of all, my apologies to all of you who come back to this blog everyday and find nothing new. 😦 I’ve got to be the worst blogger in the history of the worldwide web. In my defense, I was off battling the icy winter by attending every wedding – as my mother puts it – from here to Malerkotla and beyond. This specific quote by my mother has no deeper meaning or anything ; Malerkotla is a town somewhere around me and Im not going to lie to you and say I know where it is, its just something my mother says :p

Alright then! Lets get down to the nitty gritty of it all shall we? Im going to be posting photos of my favourite brides this season over at The Unreal Bride so do keep checking up on us there as well. Aside from that, Im going to be breaking down and discussing the most prominent (and absolutely yummy) trend forecasts for this spring and summer. Summer summer  – ah how I love it! I love the heat, the clothes, the sandals, the freedom – the love. Winter makes me lazy – thats part two of my (weak) defense argument for not putting up new posts here.

What really came through to me from the runway pictures and even new ad campaigns was that clearly someone in the wonderful world of fashion has realized that summer is…well…HOT! And blowdrys and other fancy things that we do to our tresses dont last very long – atleast not here in India.

Thats Lela Rose for NYFW – image courtesy Hair on the Brain

and L.A.M.B – image courtesy becomegorgeous.com

One of the many beautiful solutions to this pressing issue of the Indian summer is the humble braid. While my sister and I were growing up, my mother was near obsessive about our hair – she would sit us down and rub all types of oil into our scalps – there was one disaster when she ordered a whole case of apricot oil from her friend who has an orchard up in the mountains. We didnt end up using much of it and then bottles of it somehow escaped the case which was put away in the storeroom and started appearing in every room, in every drawer, in places we never thought to look – like my grandmothers secret stash of unopened dinner sets in the guest bedroom (don’t ask – we’re an odd bunch). Anyhow, to cut it short, the apricot oil haunted and stalked us and many many bottles of it were eventually thrown away unopened – a whole decade after their purchase.

I really drifted over there, didn’t I? What i was trying to say was, thanks to my mothers obsession, my sister and I had thick hair down to our lower backs and were rather skilled in braiding it in time for school. Im currently in the process of attempting to grow it back to that length again!

Back to the braids of S/S ’11 – braiding is an age old, ancient technique of pulling your hair back from your face (hence, accentuating your lovely features) and making you look pretty at the same time whilst successfully battling the heat. *two thumbs up*

There are many ways to braid your hair and you can go search for some videos on how to make different styles on youtube – and of course, practice, practice, practice.

Via You Will Never Know

Listen to this while you practice :

Once you’ve mastered the art – decorate with bows, clips, brooches, ribbons, flowers – the list is endless!

Image via Tha Hilsdorf

Loving the ribbon? I am. I’m wearing one right now with my PJ’s with no one to appreciate its utter cuteness except Razia and shes a dog so..yea..thats that!

Happy braiding my beauties and I shall be back before you know it!



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